• The Club

    25th Polytechneiou Str., 4th floor, Thessaloniki.

  • The Shooting Range

    "Zesta Nera" Lagadas.


Welcome to the Hellenic Practical Shooting Club

Hellenic Practical Shooting Club has been founded in 1993 in Thessaloniki by a group of friends with a common love: towards athletic shooting.

Their aim was to create on open and friendly meeting center for anyone who would like to go into the world of practical IPSC, handgun, shotgun or rifle.

Today this aim has been achieved and the “family” of our club has more than 300 active members, men, women and adolescents.

Our Club is officially recognized by the General Secretary of Athletics.

Come and meet us, and let us answer all your questions.


Our meetings  taking place every  Monday between 19:00 – 21:00 at our Club’s  Offices 25th Polytechneiou Str., 4th floor, Thessaloniki and every Wednesday between 18:00 – 20:00 at our club’s shooting range.

Practice & Training sessions every  Weekend between 09:00- 12:00 in the morning,  at our Club’s Shooting range “Zesta Nera” Lagadas  .


The Board of Directors

General Secretary
Guns and Ammunition Officer
Hatziprodromou Dimitrios
Leontaridis Pavlos
Romanos Christos
Αthanasiadis Georgios
Vasileiadis N. Aggelos